Juiceman JM400 Juiceman Jr. 2-Speed Electric Juicer


The Juiceman Jr. is a relatively inexpensive juicer and can be used and loved by amateur juicerheads and experienced juicerheads alike. It is a centrifugal juicer, however, so those wishing to juice wheatgrass and make nut milk may wish to go a different route. The Juiceman Jr. is also a little loud, so be prepared if you purchase one! It is not good for making fresh orange juice while the baby sleeps. Aside from these complaints, though, this juicer is exactly what you need to make fresh, delicious juice whenever you would like.

Appearance and Build

The Juiceman Jr. is not special in appearance, it can be purchased in chrome to make it slightly more eye appealing, but it is light enough and small enough (14-1/2”X10”X18”) to either stay on the counter or be tucked away in a cabinet. The actually juicing compartment is transparent, so you can watch your produce come through.


Unlike other Juiceman models, he Juiceman Jr. has a separate pulp catcher. This is always a great feature, as it allows more continuous juicing and easier cleanup. For safety, there is a handle that locks in place and the juicer will not turn on unless the handle is correctly positioned. There are also rubber feet on the bottom to keep the juicer from slipping while in use. The juicer is equipped with a 700-watt motor and a large chute, so the time it takes to prep and juice is minimal, with a glass of juice taking about 30 seconds to make. The filter and cutting blade are stainless steel for durability and easy cleanup. At about $100 for a brand new Juiceman Jr., this juicer is not top of the line but is a great value.