Juiceman Juicer- A Great Value


The Juiceman juicer is an extremely good value at around $80. I got a Juiceman juicer about four years ago and it is still just as powerful and efficient as the day that I got it. The juicer is also attractive enough to leave on the kitchen counter without detracting from my kitchen décor. While the Juiceman is a centrifugal juicer, I have found it to be effective in juicing leafy greens such as kale and spinach, as well as regular harder fruits and vegetables.

Appearance and Build

The Juiceman has all stainless steel parts, so it is extremely durable. The juicer has a motor that is one full horsepower, so it rips through even the hardest produce such as beets with ease. The clear body allows you to see what is going on inside of the juicer for added fun. There are two setting, high and low, with an easy to reach switch on the side. The juicer is easy to assemble and dissemble, and has locking bars on each side. The juicer will not start if these bars are not in place. The body of the juicer is black and stainless steel.

Features and Conclusion

The juicer is very fast, you can make juices in just seconds. The juicer also comes apart completely and can be thoroughly cleaned in less than a minute. In addition to the stainless steel screen, the juicer comes with an additional citrus juicer attachment so that you can juice citrus easily without having to peel it. This juicer has outlived some of my friend’s juicers that were twice the price, so I highly recommend this juicer for both beginners and experienced juicerheads.