Juiceman Juicer


Today we’re looking at a juicer that’s almost exclusively sold in department stores. Although it’d be snooty of us to dismiss this juicer simply because it’s affiliated with a huge corporation, there are certain issues that can accompany an item which is mass-produced for a big chain, and the biggest one is consistency. Probably second behind that is durability. So, how does the Juiceman juicer stand up?

Appearance and Build

The Juiceman looks like, well, a juicer. On first glance, it perhaps most resembles Breville’s line of quality kitchen appliances. Based on looks alone, this juicer can sell people on its juicing credentials. However, a number of the parts are made out of plastic – and brittle plastic at that. Specifically, the feeding tube is on the brittle side. This is worrisome and could lead to some serious longevity issues down the line.


This juicer is equipped with an 800 watt engine that can run at two different speeds. By having two different speeds, you have an increased ability to juice produce at the blade speed best for them. You can juice carrots using the high setting, and then switch to low when it’s time to do some greens. A three inch wide feed tube means that you won’t have to waste too much time cutting up produce prior to juicing. Although the machine comes apart pretty easily for cleaning, pieces of produce often get caught in tough reach areas. Overall, this juicer has durability and design issues that make it an uncertain choice. However, because it can be purchased at a major chain, returning it in the event of problems shouldn’t be too difficult.