JuicerHead Diet: Not Always a Fast

images7Here at Juicerhead.com, we love our juices; fruit, vegetable, and tasty combinations of the two. We figure you love your juices too, or you probably wouldn’t be here. That said, we are not always advocates of juice fasting. The reason for this is simple: sure, you can use ajuice fast to lose weight quickly and detoxify your body, but you can’t stay healthy on a juice diet for the long term. Eventually you will have to reintroduce solid foods into your diet, and therein lies the rub since  once you make that switch back to solid foods, you risk gaining back the weight you lost.
Juice diets are not intended to be a diet composed solely of juice. The healthier approach to a juicer diet, which you can pretty much stick to for life if you like, since it offers appropriate sustenance from solid foods along with all the benefits of juice.
So, how does the Juicerhead diet work? 

  • Start your day with a breakfast juice. Your body absorbs the juice’s nutrients more efficiently when your stomach has been empty for eight or more hours. Drink a tasty fruit-based juice to get started in the morning, and wait a few minutes before eating any solids. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you may want to add a bowl of low carb, low calorie cereal. If you participate in athletics or an exercise program that is very demanding, make sure you are getting enough protein, and you will need more carbs than a non-athlete; make sure to ask your trainer or a nutritionist to clarify your daily carb and protein needs.
  • At lunch time you have a bit of wiggle room with the Juicerhead diet. You could choose to have just a juice, preferably vegetable based, with a good mixture of essential vitamins and minerals. Alternatively, you can combine a small juice with a healthy meal that consists of low fat, low carb, high protein and fiber-rich foods. If you like,  you can alternate between just juice days and solid food/juice days.
  • At dinner, we recommended you have a solid meal, especially if you opted to have juices only for breakfast and lunch. Make it a healthy one, and include lean protein such as chicken, lamb or lean beef.
  • Pair that with steamed mixed vegetables or a fresh crisp salad. If you can, around 30 minutes prior to dinner, drink a vegetable-based juice. This gives the juice enough time to start the nutrient absorption process before you eat your solid meal.
  • When it comes to snacks between meals, we recommend juices; and since it’s all about feeling full, we suggest unstrained juices because the pulp and fibers will help you  feel full (especially effective if you chew your juice.) Weird as it sounds, by chewing the fibers and pulp in your juice you produce saliva, which helps break down the juice faster and tricks your brain into thinking you are eating.

What Juices Do We Suggest?

  • The Morning Wake up Call is one of our favorites due to its simplicity and amazing nutritional value. Rich in vitamins A C, E and anti-oxidants, this is a great start-of-the-day drink since it satisfies a craving for something sweet, and it helps boost the immune system..
  • Beet and Carrot Juice is another favorite because it is chock full of vitamin K, which assists in the blood’s ability to clot normally while helping to prevent breaks and fractures in bone. Add broccoli the sweet-tasting ingredient(s) of choice and you have a tasty and healthy “anytime” juice.
  • The Summer Refresher is our top pick for hot weather juicing because it is so thirst quenching. The Summer Refresher is rich in vitamins A, C and K, and offers beneficial minerals to aid blood pressure regulation.
  • Cabbage, Tomato and Red Pepper Juice is great for its nutritional content and for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. This delicious juice is also great for weight loss programs, and helps ease joint pain from exercise.
  • The Green Fiber Punch is ideal for experienced juicers. Packed full of mineral rich greens, it can be a little strong on taste but it is very much worth trying. Great for the digestion and detoxifying the liver, this is really a beneficial juice.
  • The Berry Sunrise is a favorite; vitamin rich and deelish.  When you make this juice correctly, you end up with something that looks like a tequila sunrise, minus the tequila.

The Juicerhead Diet might seem too simple, or it may have you wondering what your diet options are. You will need to do a little research to the carbs, sugars, protein and other ingredients meet your needs.

Some of us need higher intakes of certain vitamins and minerals than others. The Juicerhead diet for you should be formulated based on your nutritional needs, medical needs (if any), and personal metabolism.

Remember, Juicerhead.com is your one-stop advice spot for juicing, but we also advocate combining juices and solid foods to the diet.  Find out more on our sister site,EatingRightToday.com, where you will find more ideas for healthy meals and snacks that can be incorporated into your personal Juicerhead Diet.