Juices versus Smoothies for Health

juice-vs-blendA hot debate right now is whether juices or smoothies are more beneficial. We juicerheads explore the benefits and downfalls of each.

Benefits of Juices

On the juice side of the debate, juices give you a boost and are easy to drink in one sitting. Juices will also instantly absorb into your body for fast results. The fiber is eliminated, as well as the pulp, so juices are not as filling as smoothies. On a juice fast, these nutrient packed, low calorie juices must be drank several times a day. The fact that the juices are not very filling is good in this scenario, as it takes a quantity of juice to meet caloric and nutritional needs. Juice fasts and juice drinking as a supplement to diet can both aid in weight loss and help add significant nutritional benefits to the daily intake. Juice fasting may also help to cleanse the body.

Benefits of Smoothies

On the smoothie side of the debate, all of the fiber is left in the juice. While this is often approached as a negative characteristic in juices, natural and healthy fiber is often lacking in diets, especially in America. The pulp that is left in is filling, and many smoothie advocates use smoothies as a filling meal replacement. Smoothies do not absorb as directly as juices, and still require the aid of the digestive system to be processed, so the cleaning qualities are not present. However, smoothies require much less produce to produce greater quantities, so smoothies cost les for a greater yield. Smoothies can also be quickly and easily made with a blender, which are much more common in households than juicers. Juices can be made with a blender, but a fine strainer or nut milk bag is required to remove the pulp.

Outcome of the Debate

Smoothies and juices both have significant nutritional benefit. Both are relatively easy to make and can be delicious. Juices may be more beneficial for cleansing purposes, while smoothies are an easy way to add missing fiber in the diet. Weight loss can be assisted with either juices or smoothies, depending on how they are used. The liberating part is that you don’t have to choose smoothies or juices, you can have one depending on what you prefer or wish to accomplish that day.