Is Juicing Expensive?

juicing-expensesWith the explosion of juice bars, juicer sales, and the juicing culture over the past few years, most people understand that juicing is good for you and can have huge health benefits. However, many are hesitant to begin juicing because of the perception that it will take up a lot of money and time. This is a case where the benefits outweigh the costs however. Juicing can help to reduce health conditions and can act as a meal replacement, both of which can save huge amounts of time and money. Juicing is also less expensive and time consuming than many believe, and is also easier to begin.

Expense to Begin Juicing

The first step to juicing is to get a juicer. Juicers come in all different shapes and sizes and are being improved and updated every year. Some juicers are multifunction machines and can make food items like nut butters and nut milk. Other juicers are simple and only extract juice. Quality also varies widely between juicers. In many cases, it is worth it to purchase a juicer that is slightly more expensive because of the amount of time that the juicer will last and the amount of juice that the juicer extracts. Having a high quality juicer can help juicerheads to get the highest quantity of juice from every piece of produce purchased.

Produce Expenses

Many people that do not often purchase produce have a skewed perception about how much produce costs. Leafy greens are generally very inexpensive and pack the highest nutritional punch. Organic produce may help to avoid harmful pesticides, but it is better to go non-organic than to skip the fruit or vegetable all together. Costs can also be saved by visiting local produce stores and buying produce mainly when it is in-season.