Juicing in Advance


While juice contains the most nutrients when it is fresh, freezing or refrigerating juice is a great option for those who wish to juice every day, but simply do not have time every single day to juice. Using refrigeration and freezing, it is possible to make enough juice for seven to ten days, so that you can have a healthy juice every day or even a few juices every day to cut back on your intake of less healthy foods.

Refrigerate Your Juice

Juice that is not going to be drunk immediately should be stored immediately after juicing. If juice is going to be refrigerated, it should be placed in an opaque glass container that seals tight. This will help keep nutrients from being destroyed by light and air. Refrigerated juice is best when consumed within 24 hours, but can be held for up to 72 hours without much change in the flavor. While the nutritional content will be slightly less, it is still better to drink a juice that has been refrigerated for 72 hours than to not drink a juice at all.

Freeze Your Juice

Freezing juice destroys some of the nutritional content right away, but if done properly, can help to preserve your juice for up to ten days. As with refrigeration, the product will not have all of the same nutritional content, but it is better than not having the juice at all. Juice should be frozen immediately after juicing to preserve the most nutrients. Juice should be thawed in the refrigerator. You can preserve the juice in small containers, so that it is possible to pull out one or two at a time and keep a steady thawing system, so that juice is available each day. To liven things up, you can let juice thaw only partially and drink it slushy-style, or you can even leave tastier juices frozen and eat them as freezer pops. Freezing juice in different containers will add to the appeal of consuming the juice in these different ways. Have fun with your juice, and get creative about preserving it so that you can enjoy a healthy, juice-filled lifestyle.