Juicing without a Juicer

Blender Juice

Although there is no substitute for an actual juicer, it’s understandable that you might want to try out drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice prior to taking the plunge and buying a juicer. In this case, our obvious first recommendation would be to visit a juice bar and sample their wares. But perhaps you live in a remote locale where juicing culture hasn’t caught on yet and there aren’t any such businesses around. If you don’t have access to properly prepared juice but still want a sample of what all the fun is about, then read on. It is possible to prepare a fresh fruit and vegetable drink using a blender, although you’ll lose some of the juice’s healthful and flavorful benefits in the process.

Blender-made Faux Juice

Be sure to peel all produce and cut it into small chunks before blending. When making blender faux-juice, also consider using only fruits and vegetable with high water contents as they’ll blend easier and render less pulp that needs to be filtrated. Fruits like citrus and watermelon and vegetables like cucumber fit this description. Once everything is in the blender, put the blender on high and really give your ingredients ample time under the whirring blade. Take your concoction and pour it through a fine-mesh strainer and into a glass. There you have it: faux juice.

Hopefully the glass in front of you is pleasing to the taste buds. But keep in mind that by using a blender instead of a juicer, you’re losing access to some juicing benefits. Some of these benefits you can taste and some of them you can’t. By limiting the amount of heat and air that passes through juice, and thus helping the final product to retain all of its nutritional benefits, a real juicer has a distinct advantage over a blender. Plus, a juicer will filter out pulp much more effectively than a hand-operated strainer will, leading to a smoother drinking experience and easier nutrient absorption. So try blending juice if you’re unsure about purchasing a juicer – but just remember, real juicing is so much better!