Just Beet It


beet juice
If you enjoy skiing, cold weather, or the way that trees look without any leaves on them, then winter is a great time of the year. But if you’re trying to make veggie juices that are tasty, healthy and constituted from seasonal ingredients, then wintertime can pose a challenge. Luckily, there are tons of healthy root vegetables out there that can help you juice through the chilly months. 

Meet the Beet

The beet is a common and easily purchased root vegetable. It also happens to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, it’s a great choice for incorporating into your juicing regimen. I’d especially recommend keeping beets around if you’re trying to detox. The recipe below is one of many tasty takes on the beet. Specifically, the fennel and ginger add a special zing to this concoction. If either one of those flavors isn’t really your thing, I’d recommend halving the amount called for. If you’re looking to turn the sweetness up a little on this juice, simply add an apple.


  •           ½ A lemon
  •           ½ a stalk of fennel
  •           1 Inch of fresh ginger
  •           1 medium carrot
  •           1 medium red beet
  •           ½ a stalk of celery

  1.           Just juice it.
  2.           Be sure that you don’t peel the beet – Its skin holds much of the nutrient potential of the vegetable.
  3.           Pour it over ice if you want, and drink it out of a wine glass if you’re feeling fancy.