Keep it Simple, Juicehead

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Sometimes, juicing can seem like a lot of work. Unless you’re specifically doing a juice fast, chances are that when you’re in the grocery store you won’t just be buying produce to juice. After all, most of us have families to look after. Generally, these mouths-to-feed prefer food on the table. And we’d defy you to try and entertain guests at a backyard barbecue with only the help of your trusty juicer – this isn’t impossible, and probably fodder for another post, but you get the point. It can be a strain sometimes to fill your shopping cart with all the things you’d like to juice and at the same time remember to stop by the deli counter or purchase a loved-one’s favorite snack.

Plan Ahead and Stock Up

Although some juicing ingredients will spoil relatively quickly, there are plenty that don’t and can thus be bought in bulk. Buying in bulk cuts down on what you need to pick up on each trip. It also increases the likelihood that you’ll have ingredients on-hand when the inspiration to juice strikes you. You’ll want to use cucumbers, grapes of pineapple within 2 to 4 days of purchasing. But carrots, apples, beets, squash and other items can be kept on-hand for a week or more. Alternatively, freeze smaller, flavor-intense items like berries and use them as garnishes in your juice. Or simply let them thaw out a bit and then add them into whatever juice you’re making!