Kuvings Masticating Juicer

Kuvings Masticating Juicer

There’s a healthy level of debate between people who prefer masticating juicers and people who prefer centrifugal. Today we have a look at the Kuvings masticating juicer, which to a degree epitomizes all of the strong and weak points that come with a masticating juicer.


This juicer looks like it fell out of a nickelodeon show. The bright green-and-purple color scheme may appeal to certain people, but given the wrong surroundings, this juicer will stick out like a pschedelically sore thumb. Take into consideration that it sports an assymetrical design and strange chunky base, and you may have to resign yourself to this juicer being a constant conversation piece.


This juicer exemplifies what is good about masticating juicers. Specifically, it’s very versatile in that it can juice wheatgrass (unlike most centrifugal juicers), and make ice cream and pasta as well. It’s also fairly quiet compared to most centrifugal juicers (although if you’re juicing harder veggies like carrots, be prepared for a bit of a racket). Because of its low heat and low friction design, the juice you render from this machine is theoretically higher in nutrients and more truly “raw.”
The feeding tube on this model is SMALL. And juice production is SLOW. We’re talking one carrot or apple slice at a time. Which is fine, as long as you’re up for this type of pace. It’ll give you time to cut the vegetables. Which is the other thing – this juicer requires more front end work than a centrifugal one. You can’t just jam all the goodies in and then tamp down on them with the food pusher – you have to chop them up pretty small first.


If you can put the looks aside, or get behind the “Barney” theme that Kuvings went with on this one, this is a decent juicer for the money. Although the plastic parts feel a bit wanky, the machine comes apart easily for cleaning. And the juicer makes tasty and efficient use of produce. But with all of the other juicers out there on the market, you might want to look elsewhere before deciding on this one.