Kuvings NS-750 Silent Juice Extractor

The Kuvings NS-750 Silent Juice Extractor is the perfect juicer for the juicerhead that has been juicing for a while and wants to upgrade to a machine that will preserve nutrients with slower speeds. The Kuvings Silent Juice Extractor runs at just 80 rpm, so no heat is generated. The juicer grinds and extracts juice, so that oxidization does not occur, either.  As advertised, the juicer is also silent, so no more waking up the house or dealing with a lot of chaotic noise while juicing. At around $250 from most retail stores, this juicer is just a bit more expensive than many centrifugal juicers, and far less than most slow juicers.

kuvings-silent-juicerAppearance and Build

The Kuvings Silent Juice Extractor is not very attractive, and the white base may stain over time from juicing produce such as beets and carrots. There are different colors available, but the prices may vary. The machine is durable, though, and comes with a ten year warranty. The Silent Juicer is also small enough to fit on the counter under most kitchen cabinets, or to easily store underneath. The machine is easy to clean, and all parts are BPA free.


The Kuvings Silent Juice Extractor comes with duel safety features. All parts must be in place, and the lid must be closed for the juicer to work. There is a separate pulp spout and juice spout, so that juicing can be done continuously and to save time and clean-up. The Kuvings will also juice nearly any type of produce, from carrots to wheatgrass, with no additional components to purchase. However, many customers have reported that there is excessive pulp when juicing small items, such as blueberries. Most report that the juicer will last a long time. Also, if anything goes wrong with the juicer, customer service is top-notch.