Kuvings Silent Juicers


Kuvings Silent Juicers now come in a variety of colors to suit your needs and preferences. Kuvings silent juicers feature low-speed masticating technology that can help you get a greater yield from your produce. The low speed extraction method also helps you to retain the greatest amount of nutrients and vitamins. Kuvings is a great investment for juicerheads that are looking to get serious. At around $330, these juicers are about the industry standard for masticating juicers, but are highly durable and come with a 10-year warranty.

How It Works

Kuvings Silent Juicers extract juice from fruits and vegetables using a screw and strainer. The screw shreds the produce and pushes it against the strainer, running at just 80 RPMs. As the juice is pushed through, the pulp is ejected from a separate area so that you can juice continually. If produce from tougher fruits and vegetables gets caught in the screw, the reverse switch can help you to remove it easily so that you don’t have to stop and clean out the whole machine.

Even though the juicer runs slowly, it is extremely powerful. The produce is pushed through the machine using 3 HP of squeezing power.

Safety and Cleanup

Kuvings Silent Juicers are equipped with a two step safety system that stops the juicer from operating if it is assembled incorrectly. This prevents you from harming yourself or the juicer by forgetting to add a part back on after cleanup. Despite the safety system, Kuvings Silent Juicers are relatively easy to clean, with sleek outer surfaces and fully removable interior workings. Since the pulp is ejected as you go, a sprayer and a sponge can easily get the job done, there is no need for scraping and dumping after you juice.