Learn From the Vegetarian Professionals, Do as the Cows Do

So, okay, maybe not exactly as the cows do but the basic concept of chewing the cud is important when drinking juices on a juice diet. You see what cows do is eat the grass and then chew it thoroughly.


Actually in the case of cows they swallow, regurgitate and chew several times and this aids them in getting the most nutrition out of the food. So why am I explaining this gross sounding process? It’s simple people, even though you are drinking juice you should actually chew the drink to some degree, even if you have strained the pulp. Basically the reasoning behind this is that when you chew you warm the juice, which helps it break down faster.


Also you produce saliva, which again starts the process of breaking down the juice. The faster and more efficiently the juice is broken down the more easily the nutrients within the drink are absorbed into your system. It can often be the case that nutrients can be lost because your body does not process the juice rapidly enough. So remember, chew your juices.