Learning to Love Your Juice


Every juicerhead begins by trying a juice or two and doing what they can to either replicate or change that flavor and feeling. It is exciting in the beginning to run out and purchase a bunch of different kinds of produce, and mix and match. It can be deterring, however, if you get a few juices in a row that are less than palatable. It is good to switch up the types of vegetables that are used in juices, as we have discussed in previous articles, but it can be disappointing when those juice combinations are unappetizing. There are some easy ways to spruce up your juice so that you will love the flavor as much as you love the benefits and the way you feel after drinking it.

Juicier is Better

Thick and grainy juices are unappealing. If you want to get a bunch of greens into a juice, you can always add a juicier type of fruit or vegetable. Cucumbers and watermelon are both great for adding a lot of liquid to a juice quickly, and can help to neutralize some of the earthy flavor. Each also adds nutrients, so your juice is even better-rounded.

Make Your Juice a Sweetie

Adding fruit is a sure-fire way to sweeten up a juice. Apples and pears are sweet, juicy, and can quickly turn a disinteresting or overwhelming juice into something that is easier on the tongue. Using this method depends heavily on the goals of the juicer, however, as sugary fruits do add sugar to the juice. Diabetics and anyone looking to lose weight should be sure to limit the amount of fruit used in juice. However, enhancing flavor with fruit is a better option than skipping juicing entirely because of unappealing flavors.