L’equip XL Wide Mouth Juicer

Wide mouth juicer

Today we’re having a look at the XL Wide Mouth Juicer from L’equip. It’s a new, larger design that comes on the heels of the successful L’equip mini juicer.


At first glance, this juicer isn’t really anything special to look at. It’s available in both black and white, and composed of plastic and stainless steel parts. It seems as though the main focus of design was placed on functionality. Having said that, it’s also not an eye-sore – just not as gleaming and quintessentially modern-looking as some other juicers we’ve come across.


This juicer renders juice with a spinning blade, and it’s run by a strong high-rpm motor. The XL makes use of an auto-ejection system that jettisons pulp into a separate container. This is handy, as you won’t have to remove pulp from the juicer for the duration of your juicing session. The juicing process is further made easy by virtue of the XL’s wide mouth feeding tube. Because the feeding tube is three inches in diameter, you should have no trouble juicing entire uncut pears and apples. For people looking to limit prep time, this might just be the XL’s selling point.


The XL comes apart relatively easily. All you have to do is unsnap two slightly-brittle plastic hinges, and you can remove all of the pieces of the machine that will get dirty with each use.

The Verdict

For its price, the XL offers several of the features generally found on more high-end juicers. What you sacrifice when you buy this juicer is mostly in the way of looks, and potentially in the way of durability. Still, this would make a nice gift for someone in your life that is looking to get into juicing