Listen to Your Body when Juicing


Whether you have just started juicing or have been juicing for a while, it is important to listen to your body and use it as a guide for what to juice. Juicing is definitely a mainstream trend at this point, so there is a lot of advice about juicing coming from all angles. Some swear by the benefits of green juices every day, while others say that drinking the same juice too often can decrease the benefits and possibly even be harmful.

Follow Your Own Advice

While it is good to do a little research about juicing, it is impossible to figure out the best juicing method for you from what others have done before you. Use that information, but be aware of how you feel. If you feel amazing after drinking green juice, drink green juice. If you start to feel bloated or fatigued after drinking green juice for five days in a row, take a break from the green juice. Likewise all other types of juice.

Your body is different from everyone else’s and you may have a different reaction to different foods. There is a placebo effect with juicing, because everyone thinks they should feel good after drinking a juice. It can be difficult to distinguish this feeling from the actual benefits that you are feeling, but after a while of juicing it becomes easier. Pay attention to the subtleties of what you feel after drinking different juices to make the juices work for your best benefit.

Get Rid of What doesn’t Work

It is good to try many different types of produce when getting started with juicing, but there is no harm in weeding out the produce that does not make you feel good, or that you have a hard time stomaching. It is possible to find a substitute for just about every type of produce, so find something that does work for you and stick with it. Don’t just follow the advice of others, have fun and experiment to find the juices that benefit you the most.