Magic Bullet Express Juicer

Magic Bullet Express Juicer

If you’ve heard of Magic Bullet before, it’s probably in reference to their line of pint-sized and extremely powerful blenders. But the Magic Bullet line of products has become a bit more diversified over the years, and so today we’re looking at the Magic Bullet Express Juicer. It’s marketed as being part of a transformers-style kit with multiple attachments that altogether are capable of doing everything from juicing to chopping to mixing to doing your taxes. For the sake of succinctness, we’ll only be covering the juicing capabilities of this multi threat apparatus.


Probably because this juicer is aimed at a wide variety of kitchen tasks, it doesn’t really sport the quintessential juicer look. It’s somewhat clunky and top heavy. It’s also made from many plastic parts. Plastic is great for keeping weight and cost down, but it has its downsides. For instance, the plastic clasps and fasteners on this machine look like they could turn brittle somewhere down the line. Plus, the machine’s blades connect to the motor via a plastic interface – this connection seems ripe for erosion over time.


This machine doesn’t make a particularly large amount of noise. But then, you really shouldn’t expect it to as it only houses a 400 watt motor. The button interface for juicing is straightforward, and a large feeding tube means you shouldn’t have to engage in too much extra pruning of produce prior to juicing. Juice yield was decent, but not great.


If you’re looking for a Swiss army knife type of kitchen appliance to limit counter space and monetary investment, the Magic Bullet Express might take you there, although we can’t really speak to its pizza dough making capabilities. But if you’re mainly after a juicer, then forget about this machine’s peripheral benefits and opt for a juice-specific model instead.