Magic Bullet Gets You Fiber Fast


The Magic Bullet is a blender as opposed to a juicer, but it can be used to up the ante on your nutrition and increase your fiber intake fast. Whereas a juicer removes all of the “roughage” and pulp of the produce, a high-performance blender like the Magic Bullet saves this part of the produce, stretching out your yield and allowing you to gain all of the benefits that come from every part of each ingredient. While this handy contraption shouldn’t replace juicing in your life, it can supplement your juicing habits for a healthier and better rounded diet.

Single Serve Bullet

The Magic Bullet is so called because of the bullet shape of the single-serve cup that you use to blend your ingredients. Whereas a juice is best with only fresh produce, a smoothie is best with the addition of nut milk. You can also add protein powders, cocoa, and other healthful ingredients for a tasty, healthy, and filling snack. The single-serve Magic Bullet is a time saver, as there is no need to wash juicer parts or even a blender bowl-you blend right in the glass you will brink from.

Magic Bullet and Juicer Marriage

The Magic Bullet is perfect for getting your fruit and veggie fix while you are in a rush or on the go, but it is also great for using your juicer pulp. Juicer pulp still contains many nutrients that often get thrown in the trash after juicing. That pulp can be put in the magic bullet and blended with tasty ingredients to make a fiber-filled treat. Doing this can help you to save money while squeezing every available drop of nutrition from your produce purchases. The Magic Bullet can be obtained for about $40.