Magic Bullet Smoothie Machine


If you are looking into juicing but not sure if you wish to take the plunge, or if you are a veteran juicerhead  but are finding yourself juicing less often because of time constraints, the Magic Bullet may be for you. At $50, this machine is a bit less expensive than most juicers or even comparable machines, so it maybe just what you need to get you started on a long road to good health.


The Magic Bullet is very small, so it can be easily stored on the counter or in a cabinet. It is relatively attractive, though it will not give your kitchen the sleek modern appearance that some of the more heavy duty juicers will. Super light weight, you can move this machine around with ease; take it to work with you, or whatever it takes to add more juice and smoothies into your life.


The Magic Bullet is a super user-friendly device. You have to cut all of the produce up a little more than with a juicer, but once the food is cut you simply put it in the cup with some liquid, screw the blade attachment on, and place it on the base. The smoothie will blend automatically, and when it is the desired consistency, it can be easily removed from the machine. The blade attachment screws off easily, and there are lids and lips that can be screwed onto the cup to drink the juice directly from the container. This means cleanup entails rinsing the blade.


The Magic Bullet comes with a few different cups, some even have handles. There are also solid lids for traveling with the smoothie and lips for making the cup easier to drink from. This machine makes it so much easier and faster to have a healthy juice or smoothie. It also keeps the fiber in the drink, for added benefits. In addition, it is easy to add protein powder, flax seeds, or other additions to increase the health of your drink even more. Loving this machine!