Magimix Le Duo XL


The Magimix is a juice extractor that was dreamed up in France. The citrus juicer plus is capable of extracting juice from nearly every type of fruit and vegetable. The spin dryer basket rings the last drops of juice from the pulp, allowing you to see the highest possible yield from your groceries. The attractive and versatile juicer is a great addition to any kitchen and can help you on your way to achieving your health goals.


The Magimix comes in cream, satin, or black to fit with your kitchen décor. The Magimix is a little different in appearance than many juicers, as the housing is opaque instead of translucent or transparent. The compact appliance has a modern and unique look that will make the kitchen look sharp while providing you with all of the benefits of a high performance juicing machine.

Features and Function

The wide mouth chute on the Magimix makes it easy to juice fruits and veggies of all types with very little prep. There is also a cone with a press that allows you to juice citrus without going to the trouble to peel the fruits. The juice extractor basket allows you to pull every last drop of juice from pretty much any hard or soft fruits or veggies. The spin dryer is super convenient to use and has a removable rim that makes it a snap to clean, as well.

In addition to the standard juicer features and the spin dryer that makes it special, the Magimix also includes a SmoothieMix attachment that allows you to bring a little more fiber to the plate. You can even juice bananas and cooked fruits and vegetables using this attachment. This makes it possible to make purees and baby food using the machine.