Make Juicing a New Year’s Resolution


While everyone is making resolutions to get healthy and lose weight with the approach of the New Year, you can combine some goals and make it a point to start juicing more often. Juicing can help to increase nutritional intake while supplementing meals which will help you feel full, so you will be less tempted to go on junk food binges. Juicing more often is an easy and painless goal, and has an element of measurability not found with goals like “eating healthier” or “dieting”.

Set a Realistic Goal

If you make it a goal to juice three times a week, it is highly achievable and does not feel like something that you need to move mountains to accomplish. If you are entirely new to juicing, you can set the goal really low, and try to incorporate one large juice a week into your diet. You can mix it up and do one fruit juice and one vegetable juice, or incorporate specific ingredients like broccoli or spinach that you may not like to eat regularly. The resolution is yours to make, so you can doctor it as you like to make it work for you. Setting the goal for the New Year gives you a specific start time, and setting a specific amount of juices can help you stick to it.

Prepare for Juicing

Hype yourself up by looking around for ingredients and recipes and getting prepared to start juicing in the New Year. Having what you need can make juicing fun instead of laborious, and you will be more likely to actually start when the time comes. Get friends together and find out favorite ingredients to make juicing a group activity on the first of the year for even more motivation.