Make Juicing Fun for the Whole Family


I often hear people saying that they want to start juicing but can’t find the time or don’t have the motivation. It sounds like they are talking about running a marathon or building a house, not just making a little cup of juice! Juicing is not a ridiculously time consuming endeavor and can be easily worked into your daily routine without much effort-especially if the rest of the family is involved. What’s more, juicing can be really fun if everyone gets excited and involved.

Don’t Drag It Out

To keep juicing fun and light, wash and chop, juice, and clean the machine. Taking your time getting ingredients together and preparing them or cleaning up can make the task drag on forever, putting a damper on the activity. Drinking the juice and trying new flavors is the fun part, so savor those, but speed through the rest of the steps to make juicing painless and enjoyable.

Involve the Fam

Everything is more fun when there are other people cheering on the activity and the results. Ask your kids what they would like to have in their juice, involve the hubby, get everyone together to pick out a perfect juicer-do what you need to do to make it fun and exciting. When juicing, if you have a few people performing the different tasks-such as one rinsing produce, one juicing, one emptying the pulp catcher-if can distribute the workload and make juicing even easier and quicker.

Switch It Up

No matter how much you try to hype up juicing, it is bound to become boring if you keep juicing the same ingredients over and over. Try new fruits and veggies that you have never even heard of, mix colorful juices, experiment with sweet, bitter, and earthy. Play with your juice.