Making Nut Butter


We could go on and on about the health benefits offered by a diet full of juiced fruits and vegetables. But did you know that nuts a great and healthy source of protein? Okay, did you know that you can turn them into your own homemade peanut or almond butter by using your juicer? You can! It takes a bit of time, but you’ll ensure that you’re eating the fresh nut butter, and that there are no additives.

How to Make Nut Butter in your Juicer

In order to make nut butter, it’s important that you have a masticating juicer. This type of juicer uses an auger to crush produce. Centrifugal, blade-based juicers aren’t capable of this.

Take out your masticating juicer. If it has a traditional produce juicing screen in it, take it out and replace it with a “blank plate” – This kind of screen is meant specifically for tasks like making nut butter and may have come with your juicer.

Put a bowl in front of the juice chute for catching butter

Turn on the juicer and allow it a moment to get up to speed.

Then pour in about ½ a pound of nuts combined with about a tablespoon of a neutral flavored oil.

Allow the entire mixture to churn its way through the juicer.

Voila! Nut butter. For a fun twist, add some coconut flakes or chocolate chips to your creation!

Refrigerate after making and stir the mixture in order to get the natural oils to reincorporate into the butter.