Maxi-Matic EJX 9700 Elite


The juicer we’re looking at today is brought to you by Maxi-Matic. Although Maxi-Matic is a lesser-known juicer manufacturer, this model looks like it might perform up to the industry standard.

Appearance and Build

The Maxi-Matic is constructed from a combination of plastic and stainless steel parts. This means it’s got a little heft to it, but is still lighter to move around than a fully stainless steel juicer. If you’ll be storing this juicer somewhere other than your counter when not in use, its portability may be the sort of convenience feature that makes a difference to you over time. The Maxi-Matic is a bit on the tall side – its extra-large feeding tube lends it a substantial amount of height. In general, it mimics the build of more popular centrifugal juicers like the Jack Lalanne line.


For its relatively low price, this juicer boasts a few premium qualities. It has a fairly standard but adequately powerful 700 watt motor. But it’s also equipped with a toggle switch that allows you to change between two speed settings. This means that you can run the machine on high to get the highest juice yield out of hard produce like carrots, but also set the machine on low in order to effectively juice softer produce. The blade and mesh filter and strainer are stainless steel. In theory, this should increase the Maxi-Matic’s durability. Cleaning and assembling this juicer shouldn’t cause any hassles.

For its price, the Maxi-Matic is a quality juicer with the added versatility of a dual speed switch. Still, it isn’t made by a major brand – this may lead to longevity issues down the line.