Mix Up Your Juice Routine


Whether you are a beginner juicerhead or a veteran juicerhead, it can be awfully tempting to stick to one particular juice when you find it. Whether it is super tasty and sweet, or very nutritious and green, every juicerhead has their favorite juice. When you try it for the first time, it is like coming home. Chances are drinking it makes you feel energetic, full but not too full, and just all around healthy and lively. While it is wonderful to find and perfect your juice masterpiece, it is also important that you do not forfeit all other juices in favor of your one favorite.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Introducing variety into your juicing routine is important. Alternating juices introduces a variety of nutrients into your system, helping to fulfill different daily requirements and keep you healthier. It is also more interesting to change the flavor palate and can help motivate you to juice more often. You can always cycle in your favorite juice and have it once a week or so as you work through other juices in the interim.

Juice with the Seasons

Although it is unproven as of yet, studies are finding that eating or drinking fruits and vegetables that are in season locally can help to increase the body’s defenses against illnesses and allergies. So, whenever possible, try to purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season and have been locally grown and harvested for juicing. Since these fruits and vegetables are fresher, they are often filled with more nutrients. As an added bonus, fruits and vegetables that are in season also have a stronger flavor, resulting in more tasty juices. It can be a lot of fun to go down to your local produce store or farmer’s market and check out the latest wares. Have some fun, mix it up, and add variety to your juices!