Never Overlook Potential Taste Boosters

One of the biggest obstacles some Juicerheads face when embarking on a juice diet is taste. The fact is sometimes juices can end up tasting bland or in the case of green vegetable juices bitter and hard to drink. This is why you need to consider an arsenal of tasty natural additives that will pick up the flavor level and make juicing a more pleasurable experience.
There are several natural flavor enhancers that work great in juicers. Fresh ginger is great because not only is it tasty but it also helps combat nausea. Other popular ingredients include coconut to give you that tropical island taste, lemon for taste and vitamin C and cranberries, which are tasty and high in antioxidants. The key is to experiment a little, add some of your favorite spices and herbs to adjust the taste. You don’t have to struggle through poor tasting juice in order to find health, not if you get a little creative and have fun.