Ninja Blender Review

ninja- smoothie-machineWhile it may not truly be a juicer, the Ninja is an incredible machine that is sure to make the health-conscious person on your holiday shopping list very happy. The Ninja can be used to blend smoothies, chop fresh ingredients, chop ice, or a variety of other uses. The Ninja also comes in different sizes and can be purchased with the single user or the family in mind.


The Ninja is much more attractive than most blenders, with a sleek black handle, base, and lid. The mixing body is clear, so you can watch the ingredients to make sure that the consistency is as desired. The whole assembly is only eight pounds for the larger model, so the machine is easy to move and store. When using as a food processor, the blending body can be easily changed out for a mixing bowl.

Features and Function

The Ninja has six blades so that cutting is faster and more efficient than with most standard blenders. The consistency is also better than with most blenders, due to the sharp and high quality blades. When dicing or mincing, ingredients come out uniform, which can help improve the flavor, texture, and appearance of recipes. There is a one-touch feature that allows pulsing.

Use for Smoothies

The Ninja is much quieter than most blenders and juicers. Frozen fruit and ice can be easily blended into the perfect smoothie. This blender turns ice into snow much faster than nearly any other type of machine. Cleanup after making smoothies is simple and painless, as well. Overall, the Ninja is a great deal at about $200 for a full-size model or $50 for a single serve.