Nourishing Carrot, Radish and Tomato Juice

SummaryCarrot, Radish & Tomato Juice

What’s up, Doc? Carrots are great for a whole slew of reasons. But let’s start with probably the most well-known: Carrots are good for your vision. But how specifically, and why? Well, carrots contain beta-carotene. When consumed, beta-carotene is turned into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is a vitamin that must be found in adequate amounts in order to ensure that we have proper night vision. So there you have it. Carrots=better vision. But there’s so much more! Carrots have been shown to lower the risk of lung, breast and colon cancer. They’ve also been shown to lower cholesterol and heart disease risk.

If the non-visible attributes of carrots aren’t enough to convince you to indulge, consider this: Carrots can also improve your outward appearance. The antioxidants and vitamin A found in carrots are effective in helping to limit the dryness of skin, hair and nails. Plus, beta-carotene consumption can actually lead to a slight coloration change in the skin of those who consume it in large qualities. If you drink this carrot, radish and tomato juice with enough frequency, not only will you be glowing internally – your skin will have a glow for all to see!


  • 3 to 4 Carrots
  • 15 Cherry tomatoes (Or 4 traditional tomatoes.)
  • Radishes to taste. (Don’t go crazy with these guys right off the bat. They can be quite spicy and wreak havoc on your sinuses if overdone.)


  • Wash everything
  • Juice it up
  • Enjoy! Here’s to glowing complexions and good health!