Nutribullet Review

The Nutribullet is not necessarily a juicer, but it has gained enough popularity that it is certainly worth a look at. The Nutribullet pulverizes the fruits and vegetables, rather than juicing them, so the end result is a smoothie, rather than a juice. This may be good for a change-up from juicing, as it keeps the fiber in the drink, rather than eliminating it and extracting the juice. The time that it takes to make the drink and clean the machine is approximately two minutes, so this can be a good thing for those that wish to make a smoothie in the morning before work. Since juicing typically takes quite a bit longer, this can increase the motivation to take the time to make smoothies more often. I know that I am sometimes put off from juicing because of the amount of time that the whole process takes. With the Nutribullet as back-up, I will be more likely to at least make a quick smoothie, so that the nutrition is not skipped altogether. The price is right around $100, so it is a relatively inexpensive purchase.

Appearance and Build

The Nutribullet comes with a tall cup, a short cup, a short cup with a handle, two blades, two lids, two lip rings, the user guide and recipe book, a “pocket nutritionist” book to use as a guide while at the store, and the motor unit. The whole assembly is very light and easy to use. When the smoothie is mixed, it can be drunk right from the cup that it was mixed in. The lip ring slides over the threads for comfort, and you have a drinking cup! If you wish to take the cup with you, the lids fit right on.


The Nutribullet has a 600 watt motor, which is powerful enough to blend any of the recipes in the book in about one minute. It is not recommended to go over a minute, as it may put strain on the motor. There are two blades, an extractor blade and a milling blade. This makes it possible to add seeds, such as flax seed and chia seeds, without giving the drink a grainy texture. The convenience and price of this unit make it a win in my book.