Omega BMJ390 Mega Mouth Pulp Ejection Juicer


The Omega Mega Mouth is a juicer for the juicerhead that needs to save time. With a 3-inch wide shoot, very little cutting is required to go from produce to juice with this machine. Touted as commercial grade, the ½ horsepower motor grabs the produce and spins it into juice. The durable stainless steel blade rotates at 11,000 RPM to give you juice in about half the time of other juicers.

Unfortunately, many juicerheads seem to have hit some snags when using this product. In many cases, the safety latches had to be held in order for the juicer to work. Some customers smelled burning plastic when the product was in use and could not pinpoint the source. There is a ten year warranty on this Omega model, so most customers that were shipped defective equipment had no problems obtaining replacements.

Appearance and Build

The Omega Mega Mouth with Pulp Ejection looks fantastic and can be left on the counter without subtracting from the ambience of the kitchen. It is relatively small, at 15 inches high, so it can be easily tucked under cabinets, and is light, so it can be stored with ease as well. The housing is chrome, making it both durable and easy to clean. Most of the parts are heavy duty stainless steel, this juicer was built to last.


Wide Mouth juicers are designed with speed and ease in mind, and this one is no exception. With the separate pulp dispeller and the pulp catch bucket, produce can be juiced continually without stopping and disassembling the machine. When it does come time to clean it, this machine takes no more than three minutes. However, some users had issues with putting the machine back together. So all in all, this machine has some pros and cons, but can save you time if you need a fast and efficient juicer.