Peachy Apricot Juice


If you find yourself craving a sweet snack then look no further than this little treat. Packed full of vitamins A and C  you can also rely on a much needed kick of that handy Vit-K. This is, however, one of those tricky juices that can leave you with a low juice yield because the fruit involved is soft. That being said, it is certainly worth the effort because it has a wonderful peach/apricot taste, which is sweet enough to satisfy most dessert type cravings.

2 apricots
2 peaches
1/2 cup of green grapes


  1. Remove the stones from the peaches and apricots and cut them into smaller slices ready for juicing. You have to remove stones because there is nothing worth juicing in them and they can actually damage your machine.
  2. Wash and remove your green grapes from the stalks.
  3. Juice all the fruit together and serve over ice.