Prepare Your Produce Correctly for Easy Juicing

Preparation is key when it comes to producing quality vegetable and fruit juices as well as protecting your juicing machine. One thing to consider is seeds or stones in fruit because some are absolutely fine to be left in, while others can really do a number on your equipment. As an example peach pits, plum stones and any large tough seed should always be removed from the fruit before juicing. Apple seeds, although they have trace amounts of cyanide, are fine as are grape seeds and all those tiny seeds in berries. Basically use common sense, if the seeds are too small and fiddly to bother removing they will probably be fine. If you can easily remove a large seed then it needs to be taken out.
The next most logical preparation tip should come as no surprise. Cut up your produce into smaller more manageable sizes. I’m not talking fine dice here but at least pieces that you don’t have to jam down the juicing chute because they are too big. The more you break down the fruit or vegetables, the easier job your juicer will have at processing the material into tasty healthy juice.