Real Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice


We here on juicerhead talk about a lot of different kinds of juice, but no juice in the United States is quite so famous as good old fashioned orange juice. Although still a staple of the breakfast table, the sale of orange juice has slowly been slipping down the drain for a while now, and orange juicecompanies are rallying to foster America’s love of convenient, packaged orange juice. The problem with this, however, is that Americans are beginning to wizen up to the ways of processed food. While orange juice is often marketed as “fresh-squeezed” with no additives, the reality is that anyjuice that comes in a carton has to have some type of processing to prevent spoilage. This rings especially true for juice. The nutritional content is also much, much lower than actual fresh squeezed juice that is consumed immediately.

This summer, while school is out and family breakfasts are happening, purchasing plenty of oranges to squeeze fresh for breakfast can help revitalize the family love of orange juice and remind everyone how good real fresh-squeezed is. The process takes just a few minutes for preparation and clean-up, and will give everyone a boat load of nutrition to power through the day. Real fresh squeezed orange juice has copious amounts of vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and potassium. Since each orange may differ slightly in sweetness and flavor strength, purchase a few different kinds of oranges and take a small taste after squeezing each one.

Squeezing the Oranges

As with any kind of juice, start by rinsing all of the oranges. The oranges can be squeezed in several different ways, some will save more time. A small handheld juicer is fine, but will take a long time to squeeze enough juice for more than one person. An electric citrus juicer will save a lot of time, but is not necessary unless you plan on fresh-squeezing orange juice often. Many juicers come with a citrus attachment, this is recommended as it will save time and money, since the juicer can be used for other produce. If you have a juicer that did not come with a citrus attachment, that is fine, too. Simply peel the oranges and then juice them as you would any other fruit. Enjoy your fresh-squeezed orange juice!