Robot Coupe Table Top Centrifugal Juicer


The Robot Coupe centrifugal juicer is a high quality, commercial grade juicer. At around $1400, this juicer is a bit pricier than most centrifugal juicers, but is built to withstand the intense demands of a restaurant, fitness center, or juice bar. The Robot Coupe is a fantastic way for restaurant owners to add value to their menu by offering freshly squeezed juices of many varieties. Fitness centers can begin selling juice, or can offer it to customers as an incentive.

Appearance and Build

The Robot Coupe is attractive, small enough to fit on a counter easily, and quiet enough to use right in front of customers to add the appeal of being able to watch juice made fresh. At 28 pounds, the juicer is a little heavier than most, but keeping it on the counter or storing it should be simple. The stainless steel motor base and parts are durable and built to last. The parts also come apart easily for fast and easy cleanup. A 120 volt electrical connection is required to operate the machine for safety.


A 1-1/4 horsepower motor runs the juicer at a speed of 3000 RPMs to juice as quickly as possible. The separate pulp catcher allows for continuous juicing and limits the amount of time that must be spent cleaning the parts. A separate 6.5 liter pulp catcher bin is included, and cleanup can be made even simpler by adding a liner to the catcher and simply replacing when finished. The unique design of the Robot Coupe centrifugal juicer allows produce to be juiced without the use of a plunger, making it easier and adding an interesting allure for customers to watch. The juicer is also designed to prevent splashing while juicing and dripping when filling the juice glasses. This is a high quality juicer that can pay for itself if added to the right environment.