Sampson 6 in 1 Juicer


The Sampson 6 in 1 juicer is extremely effective at extracting the nutrient and enzyme rich juice from a huge variety of produce. The juicer also performs a variety of different functions besides juicing, including mincing, homogenizing, oil extracting, slicing, and grinding. With these options, you can grind coffee beans, make your own tofu and nut butters, slice veggies for salads, make your own baby food, and churn out your own pasta.

Superior Juicing

The Sampson juicer is capable of juicing tough leafy greens like kale, wheatgrass, and spinach. The juicer is one of a kind, as it can juice pine needles and aloe. Unlike some juicers that can effectively extract juice from leafy greens, the juicer is also efficient at juicing hard fruits and vegetables.


The Sampson juicer is small and attractive, so it can easily be stored either on the counter or under the cabinet. Since it is horizontal, it doesn’t take up much room. The juicer comes in black or white and looks similar in design to many slow juicers.

Features and Function

The Sampson 6 in 1 uses an augur to press and crush produce, helping to retain the flavor and nutritional value of the juice. All of the juicer parts are extremely easy to disassemble for fast and thorough cleaning. All parts and accessories are highly durable, but can be replaced without purchasing a new juicer. The juicer comes with a 10 year warranty.

The motor is 160 watt and the augur moves at 80 RPM. The juicer is extremely energy efficient and quiet, allowing you to make your juice while the rest of the house sleeps. Several attachments can be added for additional functionality. This juicer is a great value and may become a kitchen staple.