Sampson GB 9006 Juicer Review

sampson-9006-juicerThe Sampson GB 9006 juicer is an upgrade from the Sampson GB 9001 model and an upgrade from any centrifugal juicer. Moderately priced at about $300, this juicer can be the novice juicerhead’s next step to healthier living. The juicer is super easy and fun to use and will help you maximize your produce yield. The Sampson GB 9006 comes with a 15-year warranty, so the juicer will last you years and years.


The Sampson GB 9006 is a very attractive looking machine that will inspire even non-juicerheads to want to use it. It is small and lightweight, so it can easily be stored on the counter or in the cabinet as desired. The juicer comes in four different colors: black, white, almond, or chrome so you can match to your kitchen and home décor. The juicer even has a carrying handle so that it is easy to transport or move.


The Sampson GB 9006 uses a single gear that rotates at 80 rpm so that the nutritional quality of the produce is kept intact throughout the juicing process. The augur and screen are made from GE Ultem, which means that they are about eight times stronger than other juicer parts. All of the parts are easy to take apart for cleaning and can be run through the dishwasher. The parts are just as easy to put back together and have a quicklock features that lets you know when they are in place.


Juicing is continuous when using the Sampson GB 9006. There are separate containers for the pulp and the juice. The buttons are easy to understand and easy to press, with simple on, off, and reverse functions. The juicer is capable of juicing many different kinds of grasses, fruits, and vegetables. The pressure can be controlled to obtain the highest yield from each different type of produce. If desired, attachments can also be purchased separately that will allow the juicer to be used to make oils from nuts and seeds and to crush ice or shave vegetables.