Some Fruits Just Don’t Juice

Let’s not make the assumption that all fruit is suitable for juicing because there are several which just do not work in the juicer. I speak of course of those pulpy soft fruits such as bananas and avocados. These are dense, soft fruits with low water content and frankly you wont get juice, you’ll just get a clogged up juicer if you use these in your machine.
I’m not saying you can’t have these in your juice because with a little extra work you can. What you have to do is break them down in a blender first and them add them to your juice. This will release any juice that is in them and you can either push them through a strainer for just the juice or create a more smoothie like juice by just mixing in the loose pulp. This goes for any fruit with a texture like banana. Firm fruits juice far more easily, even berries are far more sturdy than pulpy fruits.