Stay on Top of Juicing


Most people will agree that once you’ve begun to enjoy juicing you’ll feel compelled to stay at it. You might even become dependent on it for delivering nutritious and delicious results, and end up juicing on a daily basis. I think that a pro-juicing mindset can be a great and healthy thing. At the same time though, there are a few steps for ensuring that you stay excited about juicing and prepared to make it a fixture of your lifestyle.

Get a Quality Juicer

If you were looking to buy a car, would you shop for the cheapest one regardless of the features it offered? I’m guessing that you wouldn’t. Between top-of-the-line luxury and bottom-of-the-barrel utility, there’s a bandwidth where you get what you pay for, and what you pay for is likely to be quality. Don’t skimp on your juicer. It’s what does most of the work, and if you have to buy two cheap ones within the lifespan of a more expensive one, or have to put up with breakages and design flaws, well, you do the math. Check out our juicer reviews section for guidance in your purchase.

Keep an Open Mind

To keep the thrill in your juicing experience, experiment. Even your favorite juice recipe will start to get old after a while if drank every day. The way around this is simple in theory, although sometimes a bit trickier in application: keep an open mind. Try new fruits, veggies and combinations. Our site boasts archives bursting with juice recipes. I invite you to dig deep and juice the fruits of our labors. Another good way to keep your juice recipes interesting is to make an effort to use local and seasonal produce. It’ll add some structure to your juicing, hand you a couple of fun challenges as to how to best incorporate ingredients, and support local growers!