Super Angel Stainless Steel Juicer


Juicerheads come in all shapes and sizes. The same goes for the juicers that these fanatics make use of. For many people, a simple centrifugal juicer will do the trick just fine. Most people just need a juicer which will render juice quickly and won’t break the bank. But for more gourmet Juicerheads who may have a bundle in the bank or a tax return burning a hole in their pocket, simply nothing but the best will do. The Super Angel masticating juicer has been designed for exactly this crowd. Jetsetters, welcome to your new juicer. Allow us to introduce you to each other.

Durability and Build

In some version, the Super Angler juicer has been around for 21 years. Over this time, the engineers behind this line of juicers has been hard at work, simplifying and perfecting. This Super Angel juicer benefits from rock-solid stainless steel construction. It’s the Hummer of juicers – meant for battle in a juice bar, but a stylish addition to the true connoisseur’s kitchen counter.


The yield on this machine is its strong suit. Even by masticating juicer standards, this machine yields an impressive amount of juice. Additionally, it does this at the near glacial speed of 86 rpm. If you have the time to render juice at this speed, you’ll find the product is worth it. The Super Angel is designed to preserve all living enzymes in juiced ingredients. While we can’t speak to this in certain terms, this juicer speaks for itself if you’ve got the cash to get it to talk.