Swallow These 3 Weight Loss Tricks Along with Your Juice

When used properly, juice may help you to lose weight. Getting your nutrients from a tall glass that you can easily take on the road can help you avoid stopping at a fast food restaurant on your way to work and certain foods can fire up the metabolism and suppress the appetite. However, juicing alone will generally not help you shed the pounds. Try these three tricks along with sipping your daily juice to watch the tummy tighten up.

Stick to Water


Besides your daily or few times a week juice, try to stick to drinking water. Studies show that Americans usually consume an extra 245 calories per day in beverages. By sticking to water, you may just curb your calories enough to show a noticeable weight loss. The extra water will also help to keep your digestion regular and keep you hydrated, both of which are conducive to healthy weight loss.

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