T-fal Juice Extractor


When buying an appliance, it’s often easier to pay a bit more in order to buy a household name appliance. The prevailing logic is that if you buy from a big and well known company, the product will be of a higher quality and more consistently so. Today we’re looking at a juicer which isn’t part of the fleet of Breville or Cuisinart or any of those big dogs. Ladies and gentleman, we present the under-rated T-fal.

Build and Functionality

This juicer is constructed primarily from plastic parts. However, it has a metal arm which locks the lid in place during juicing. Compared to several other juicers in a similar price range, this sturdy metal lock is something of a premium feature. On many juicers in the T-fal’s price class, brittle plastic clips hold the top of the juicer in place instead. As you may have already guessed, using plastic on this often-manipulated part can result in premature breakage. The T-fal scores a durability point in this category.


This juicer offers two different juicing speeds. This can be quite handy, as harder produce like carrots are best juiced at a high speed, whereas watermelon at a high speed is a recipe for a new paint job in the kitchen.

The Verdict

Although removing the blade on this juicer for cleaning is a bit of a hassle, it’s a sturdy and practical choice for the beginning juicer who wants to support a lesser-known brand. After all, if Darwin taught us anything it’s that variety must be present for progress to be possible!