Winter Immune Booster

During the winter, it’s a good idea to amp up your vitamin C intake and increase your nutrient consumption to stay healthy and ward off illness. Anti-inflammatories can help protect your cells and bring down any swelling in your skin, joints, or muscles that are brought on by the stresses of the cold weather. This juice has plenty of ingredients that can help with these issues … [Read more...]

Cleansing Blackberry Beet Refresher

The other day I was grocery shopping and noticed that the price of blackberries has fallen to under two dollars for eight ounces. I’m not sure exactly why the blackberries were so low, as their typical season here in Florida is during the summer months, but I decided to take advantage of the low price. Of course, where there’s fruit, there comes juice in my house, so I had to … [Read more...]

Sweet Tart Farmer’s Delight

This juice was discovered as a happy accident after a trip to the produce store. Some ingredients needed to be used up, others we had just gotten. We put the beets, cukes, celery, and blueberries in and then decided it was a little too earthy. The grapes and apples were added as an afterthought, but turned out to make the juice magnificent. The juice was one that was gone … [Read more...]