Berry Delicious Antioxidant Blast

This recipe is a tasty concoction that even the youngest and pickiest can enjoy. The berries are out of season, but you may happen to have some left over from the summer harvests in your freezer. If not, you can find them in the frozen section at the grocery store. If you want to use fresh berries, you may be able to find them, but they will most likely be pricey this time of … [Read more...]

Lean Green Sweetie

This juice is a nice, sweet way to get in your greens for the day. There is no need to suffer through bowls of spinach or broccoli (if you don’t like them) when you can juice your greens and get everything in with one powerful shot that tastes delicious. Green grapes and green apples keep this juice sweet while allowing it to retain its signature green-ness. Cucumbers add … [Read more...]

Late Summer Harvest Juice

The other day, I went wild with my juice and it came out amazing. I had gone to the produce store and had some produce that needed to go out quickly, other produce that I had just gotten and was excited to use, and fresh figs, which last about five minutes before they start going bad. My husband and I had fun putting all kinds of different things into the juice. We were … [Read more...]