Sweet Tart Farmer’s Delight

This juice was discovered as a happy accident after a trip to the produce store. Some ingredients needed to be used up, others we had just gotten. We put the beets, cukes, celery, and blueberries in and then decided it was a little too earthy. The grapes and apples were added as an afterthought, but turned out to make the juice magnificent. The juice was one that was gone … [Read more...]

A Taste of Sweetness

Just for fun, my daughter and I took every sweet piece of fruit that we could find in the house the other day and juiced it. As expected, the resulting juice was nothing short of heavenly. I’m sure that it was absolutely packed with sugar, but it was sugar of the natural variety, so I feel better than if we had indulged in cake or ice cream. If you are looking for a sweet treat … [Read more...]

Atomic Hulk Juice

Fruit based juices are not always sweet, some can have a hit of savory which generally just ups how good they are for you. This particular recipe has plenty of tasty sweetness from apples and avocado but is packed with vitamins and minerals as well. Great to aid digestion, reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol, this is a really healthy juice recipe which does require a … [Read more...]