3 Things Juicing CAN’T Do for You

When people are debating starting to juice, there are often a bunch of advocates and a bunch of naysayers with a running list of things that juicing can and can’t do for you. Juicing is not magic, so it makes sense that it can’t do everything! The following is a slightly silly list of things that juicing CAN’T do for you, just to get this out of the way. Juicing CAN’T Take Out … [Read more...]

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What Can Juicing Do for You?

When used properly, juicing can be extremely beneficial to health. Juicing breaks down food into an easy-to-consume concentrate of nutrients that do not have to be digested to enter into the blood stream. The ingredients used for juices can be geared towards assisting with specific goals. Juicing is an easy way to consume very healthy foods that may not have taste appeal and … [Read more...]