3 Debunked Myths That Shouldn’t Stop You from Juicing

On the heels of every well-meaning health trend is a slew of critics that want to prove to the world that the trend is ineffective, or worse, harmful. Juicing is no exception, in spite of its endurance in popularity over the last decade or so. Some people won’t denounce their claims against juicing, however false some of them may be. In order to help you separate the fact from … [Read more...]

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5 Common Juicing Myths That You Should Ignore

There’s Too Much Sugar in Juice It is true that juicing concentrates the contents of the produce that you juice. As such, if you juice nothing but sugary fruits, there will be a lot of sugar in your juice. However, if you juice vegetables that have no sugar in them, your juice will also have no sugar. You have complete control over how much sugar is in your juice. You … [Read more...]