Tasty Melon Delight


Melons are often overlooked in the world of juicing, but should be incorporated more often! Melons such as cantaloupe and honeydew have a mildly sweet flavor that does not make juices unbearably sweet, but makes them palatable and tasty. Watermelons are a little sweeter, but can add a hydrating burst of deliciousness to any juice. Combining the three is a beautiful thing, and can convince even the pickiest children and family members to try a juice.

Since these juices are sweet and tasty, they are extremely versatile. Through the summer, you can freeze them and distribute them to the kids as popsicles, for a much healthier treat than store-bought versions. You can also add the juice to other juices to pep up the flavor.

This melon juice is high in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and lycopene. Vitamin C can be helpful in preventing those spring and summer colds and can give your immune system an overall boost. Vitamin A is important for healthy skin, teeth, bones, and eyes. Potassium is an important electrolyte that can help prevent cramping and can lower blood pressure. Lycopene can reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart attack.


  • 1 watermelon
  • 1 honeydew
  • 1 cantaloupe


  • Rinse all melons before cutting, as bacteria on the rinds may be cut into the fruit if you don’t rinse first
  • For simpler rind removal, cut the top and bottom off of each melon to create a flat surface, then cut the remaining portion of the rinds off
  • After rinds have been removed, cut the cantaloupe and the honeydew in half and remove the seeds
  • Cut the fruit into smaller pieces to fit in the juicer
  • Juice all fruit
  • If making popsicles, freeze the juice in desired containers immediately to preserve nutrients
  • Otherwise, stir and enjoy!