The Bella High Power Juice Extractor


There are pluses and minuses to buying a juicer which isn’t manufactured by a well-known brand. One potential issue is that you don’t have the security that comes with brand name recognition. When we buy from well-known brands, we have some assurance that the product we buy represents a quality product. However, it’s also possible to overpay based on brand name. This can be true in the case of juicers. By buying from a lesser known brand, it’s possible to get features that usually come on more expensive brand name juicers, but for a more reasonable price. So today we’re looking at a Bella Juice extractor which is a bit less expensive than well-known brand equivalents.

Durability and Build

The Bella comes in a metallic finish that is pleasing to the eye. It’s also relatively pleasing to the sponge as well. As you’re aware, juicing can become a messy procedure, so anything that aids cleanup is a plus. The finish on this juicer is easy to clean, and may take a bit of the fuss out of your juicing experience. The safety latch used to close the juicer’s housing is a bit flimsy looking, but it keeps the juicer shut well enough.


The Bella high power juice extractor’s main talking point is that it’s capable of juicing at two speeds. By choosing between a high and low setting, you can juice softer or harder produce at the blade speed likely to yield the greatest amount of juice extraction. Some better-known juicers demand more of your hard earned cash in order to provide this feature. So if you don’t feel like coughing up the extra bucks to purchase a dual speed juicer from one of the big names, you may want to purchase this Bella instead.