The Compact Cuisinart CJE-500


Juicers are a great appliance to have in your kitchen. You can use a juicer to make any number of delicious drinks, as well as prepare sauces. In the case of masticating juicers, you can also make ice cream and nut butters. But juicers can also take up a lot of space. So today we’re looking at a juicer that claims to be compact alternative which will give you more counter space.

Build Quality and Appearance

The majority of the parts on this juicer are made out of plastic. Although this isn’t necessarily a problem, the low-profile juice pitcher is made out of brittle plastic. Because it’s specifically made to fit with this machine, if you break the pitcher you may be out of luck – the spigot won’t accommodate other pitchers very well.


This juicer lives up to its compact billing. Still, because it is on the small side you may run into a few issues. For one thing, the feed chute is smaller than what most Juicerheads have become accustomed to. This means you’ll have to spend more time cutting up produce in order to fit it into the chute. Additionally, you may find that the pulp is a bit wetter than you’d like – juice yield is adequate but not particularly impressive compared to other slightly larger juicers in this price range.


If size is your number one concern, this may be the juicer for you. On paper and in practice, it performs all of the functions of larger juicers. But keep in mind that with a smaller size comes larger cutting responsibilities. This juicer will save you space but at the expense of saving you time.